Free software for MTD

The terms of the software development agreement – that will drive the collaboration between developers and HMRC were published today. Here. The closing comments of the document caught my attention, they say: Eligibility for free software will apply where the business meets all these conditions: they’re unincorporated (for example self-employed persons or landlords) they have… Continue reading Free software for MTD announcements

OTS recommend simplifying corporation tax compliance

The long awaited OTS review of corporation tax has been published. Wide ranging reforms recommended, including: Small companies For the very smallest companies, to use the accounting profit prepared under accounting standard FRS105 as the taxable profit without any adjustments. For slightly larger companies, the proposal is that companies should only need to consider a… Continue reading OTS recommend simplifying corporation tax compliance

Landmark updates

Cross-selling: Need to contact clients?

Without doubt, lack of time is the constant companion of practitioners. We all know the issues that are likely to cause problems for clients, it is another matter to make space to provide clients with accessible information on these key issues and kick-start a conversation that will conclude with new advice given. The pundits are… Continue reading Cross-selling: Need to contact clients?