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Back to school already?

Welcome back. Summer holidays are over for most of us, perhaps a half-term break to look forward to, and then Christmas, and then January!

I rested my daily/weekly blog posts for most of August and invested time researching the GDPR. Next year, the end of January will bring short relief, as the need to comply with the GDPR kicks in 25 May 2018, but more on the results of my endless conversations with the Information Commissioner’s Office next week.

What I need this week, are a couple of volunteers. I am writing a policy and procedures manual, and a check list that will provide practitioners with a quick-start process to achieve compliance with the GDPR. I would like the material proof-read, and I invite readers to offer constructive criticism and have a discussion about the value of the work I have produced. There is probably an hours reading material, but if you take part, I will make sure you are sent a complimentary copy of the final bundle.

Look forward to hearing from you:, mobile 07879 896073.

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