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Salary sacrifice clarity from HMRC

I’ve added a new phrase to my list of HMRC favourites this week, it’s “Optional remuneration arrangements” – a crossword clue – 15 letters, two words? The answer, of course, is salary sacrifice, so why the more arcane version?

I picked up the heading when I was researching detailed commentary by HMRC on the recent changes to salary sacrifice schemes.

You will find detailed examples of the various changes on page EIM44010 of the Employment Income Manual. To understand the comments you will need to grapple with type A and type B arrangements, according to the notes “type B arrangements are arrangements, other than type A arrangements…”. I really do believe that new and complex legislation is hitting the legislative fan faster than the OTS is pulling it away.

But, if you have an eye for detail, detail is what you get. Even the most avid bibliophile will find something to please them here.


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