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11 tax and business calculators for 2017-18

I have created eleven, easy to use calculator tools for 2017-18 that I am making available as a composite Excel file. The tools cover planning issues as well as the usual computational needs for practitioners.

The spreadsheet has a menu and works like an app, you can also print off results to show clients. They are designed to be used by staff and partners to illustrate the advantages, or otherwise, of planning choices. In a nut-shell they cover:





  • Buy-to-let planning tool
  • Buy-to-let loan interest changes
  • Stamp duty


  • Profit extraction, salary vs dividend
  • Income Tax planner
  • CGT planner


  • Business break even point
  • Profit improvement
  • Sole trader vs incorporation comparison
  • Business use of home calculator
  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme planner (updated for 2017-18 changes

Download a copy from this page…

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